Wind Turbines Maintenance

We maintain your energy, we diagnose it, we put it into operation and strive to improve permanently to achieve the best results. Because we have a deep knowledge of the turbine operation and over 15 years’ experience in blade repair. Each new project, each new destination presents the perfect challenge to test ourselves, to reinforce our commitment to excellence.


We offer global technical services including preventive and corrective blade maintenance.


We perform periodic blade inspections, reporting coating and lamination damages.


Planning and execution of blade repair projects, keeping track of each blade with a customized report.


We repair coating, lamination, SAR system damages or any other setback affecting the blade.


We use effective methods for the integral cleaning of towers and blades.

Wind Turbines Maintenance
Blade Repair Specialists

Maintenance of wind turbines services


Blade inspection

Detailed Wind Turbine Damage Report

Cleaning of blades, tower, stairs and other elements of the turbine

Lamination and coating repairs

Conductivity measurements, thermography

Shearweb reinforcement

Balancing, placement of protective tape, bevelled edges

Cleaning, change of dustpan

Repair of friction and sealing of joints

Replacement and/or placement of logos

Change of cone and replacement or sealing of fasteners

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