Comantur has an in-depth knowledge of the different types of blades, its composition and the different repair procedures for each of the damages, as a result of its extensive experience in blade maintenance. Comantur teams operate in seaports and in wind farms, operating or under construction, undertaking blade inspection and repair projects, from ground and at height, supplying materials and the adequate access method for every repair.

Part of our service portfolio in preventive and corrective maintenance:

  • Blade inspection from ground with telescope or drones and at height using ropes or platform.
  • Inspections inside the blade using videoscope or thermographic system.
  • Structural repairs such as blade reconstruction and lamination.
  • Coating repairs, protection tapes, lightning arrester systems (LPS), vortex placement and blade balance.

Works carried out in blades

Substitution of dough bar.

Retrofits LPS.

Measurement of thickness edge of exits in blades.

Fiber repair, both geometry and structural damage.


Replacement of airbrakes.

Conductivity measurement.

Internal inspection of spade via videoscope.

Extraction of material inside blade and subsequent reconstruction without altering geometry.

Blade inspection and inspection inside the blade.

Compensation of weights in the blades (blade balance).

De-icing system repair.

Brush placement on exit edge.

Replacement of PT100.

Placing of Serrations and Vortex.

Crack repair in beam.

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