Comantur is and has been immerse in different kinds of blade repair works both in wind farms and in ports, in heights and from ground, as well as different electromechanical retrofits.

  • We inspect the general state of the blade, from ground with telescope, photo camera o, looking for innovation; we make techno visual inspections using drones.
  • Height inspections by platforms, descent with ropes or multicopters. All this with a highly trained technical team.
  • Inspections inside the blade: root, with video cameras, videoscope or thermographic system.
  • We make structural or coating repairs, protection tapes, lightning arrester systems, vortex placement and we are a company authorized by Liftra.
  • Preventive maintenance: repair of damages in coating or blade structure. Review and maintenance of the SAR system.
  • Corrective maintenance: repair of damages in blade structure and repair of major damages.

We also offer cleaning services, change of dustpan, conductivity measurements, thermographs, videoscopio, balanced, placement of protection tape, leading edge, improved parts of wind turbines through retrofits, always offering customized solutions.

Some examples of work done

Substitution of dough bar.

Project crack in beam.

Retrofits LPS.

Measurement of thickness edge of exits in blades.

All types of fiber repairs, both geometry and structural damage.


G10X root inspection.

Replacement of airbrakes.

Conductivity measurement.

Internal inspection of spade via videoscope.

Extraction of material and subsequent reconstruction without altering geometry.

Extensive experience in complete telescopic inspections of the wind turbine.

Compensation of weights in the blades (balanced).

Brush placement on exit edge.

Replacement of PT100.

Placing of Serrations.

Support to the departments of Technology.

Supervision work.